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Marco Jerman at work

Marco Jerman lives and works in the scenic Hocking Hills of Southeastern Ohio with her variety of dogs, cats, fish and birds. This setting inspires and influences her artwork.

Having raised two children [Tobin and Adria], Marco now contributes time to area non-profit organizations, helping other craftspeople learn new marketing skills. She is presently serving on the board of Ohio Designer Craftsmen as Ex Officio President. She helped run Jerman Art Glass with her late husband and glass artist, Tim Jerman, for 23 years.

Marco first learned "off-hand" glass blowing [which means furnace-made] at Ohio University in Athens OH 1983-86. She started flameworking at that time and is mostly self-taught. The art of flameworking is thousands of years old but new tools, burners, colors and techniques keep it exciting.

Marco melts each piece from a larger rod into clear borosilicate over an oxygen/propane flame at approximately 2800 degrees. When finished, the piece is slowly cooled in an oven at 1050 degrees.

Marco concentrates on marbles now, creating undersea images with tiny sculptures of sea life. Her series of Eye Ball marbles are whimsy with an edge. Marco's artwork has been exhibited in juried shows and fine galleries all over the US.

Her marbles are included in Mark Block's book Contemporary Marbles and Related Art Glass; Bandhu Dunham's double volume Contemporary Lampworking; Elizabeth Ryland Mears' book Flameworking: Creating Glass Beads, Sculptures and Functional Objects; Bandhu Dunham's Formed of Fire and Bandhu Dunham's Contemporary Lampworking Volume 1.

Her current focus is making marbles with sculpted layered dichroic glass - "Under Sea" images with tiny glass sculptures of sea life deep inside. One of her marbles is in the permanent collection of the Ohio Craft Museum.

Galleries that carry Jerman Art Glass include...
Real Mother Goose, Portland OR NH
Appalachian Spring, Falls Church VA
The Crystal Shop, San Francisco CA
Nelly Bly, Jerome AZ
Impulse, Provincetown MA
Zeimke Glass, Waterbury Center VT
Kittrell Riffkind, Dallas TX
River Gallery, Chattanooga TN
Symmetry, Saratoga Springs NY

A few of Marco's Exhibitions and Bibliography...
March 31 2006 Annual Invitational Glass Exhibit by Hocking College School of Arts and Sciences
2003 Marble included in book: Flameworking: Creating Glass Beads, Sculptures and Functional Objects, by Elizabeth Ryland Mears
2002 Marble included in book: Contemporary Lampworking Volume 1, by Bandhu Dunham
2002 Marble included in book: Formed of Fire, by Bandhu Dunham
September-October 2000 "Too Hot to Handle" The Hope Collection, Sante Fe NM
Summer 2000 Marbles included in book "Collectible Contemporary Marbles: Symphony of Color" by Mark Block
Spring 2000 "Jewels of the Sea" Carlyn Gallery, Dallas TX
Spring 2000 "Best of 2000" Ohio Craft Museum, Columbus OH
March-April 2000 "Art Elements Flameworking Exhibition" Art Elements Gallery, Mequon WI

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